Planning a trip in the UK

Welcome to Web4Holidays blog and travel news.Travel in the UK can take you to such a wide range of places with so much to explore. One thing that is for certain is you will experience a host of regional food dishes all prepared and served with care.

Of traditional note is the Sunday roast where you can select from a range of meats accompanied with roast potatoes vegetables and roast potatoes. Absolutely delicious! Try the yorkshire pudding and of course never forget the gravy.

Traditional dishes can be found served in local pubs and restaurants and always plentiful when selected from the menu where you stay.

Fish and chips is another tradition and deep fried fish in batter with chips with of course salt and vinegar to enhance the taste. The dish can also be found now served when the fish is steamed and served with steamed vegetables for those watching the calories.

The seasons in the UK offer a change in the dishes served with a choice of delicious salads and prepared dressings and Ploughman’s lunch during the summer months and hot cooked dishes cottage pie, bangers and mash, Lancashire hotpot and a variety of stews and casseroles during the colder months.

One thing for certain is on offer at most establishments is an English cooked breakfast consisting of bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes,hash browns and often black pudding. Quite enough there for a good start in the morning. Generally accompanied by toast and preserves and of course tea or coffee. Most enjoyable!

It is often found served throughout the day as an all day breakfast and generally at a reasonable price. When booking your hotel and breakfast many now provide a range of fresh fruit, croissants, cheese and cold meats as well all on eat as much as you can.

Hotels in the UK often provide a range of different cuisines to cater for their guests which can be enjoyed by all.

Enjoy your break whichever area you choose to visit.